Food Safety, Biodiversity and the Challenges facing the GMO Industry in Australia

Genetically Modified Technologies have led to very significant improvements in agriculture productivity and animal welfare however debate still rages concerning the impact it may have on food safety, the environment and biodiversity. The jury is still out as to whether the release of GM crops will have profound and unintended consequence on the environment and

Systems Thinking – The key to public sector performance

Multiple masters, divergent agendas and conflicting priorities make measuring success a significant challenge for public administrators and politicians alike. With global and local economic climates performing below average and an ever-increasing demand for services, providing ‘more for less’ or ‘value for money’ has become a key focus driving reform. This has resulted in performance management

Open Government, how ready is Australia?

Open Government fundamentally aims to build and maintain a systematic approach to improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness to citizens. The shift towards Open Government emerged from the adoption of ‘e-Government’ in the mid-1990s. New technologies and computing platforms have already transformed the way communities, organisations and Governments communicate over the last ten years. It is

Profiting from poverty

The new federal government has been remarkably silent on the state of the economy since winning office. I suspect most Australian business leaders are now simply relieved that the relentless media reports of “economic crisis” have ceased, and are thankful that the quotes are now being turned back, both economically and nautically. In this void

Death of the retail salesman

2013 has been another tough year of transition for many retailers, with major Australian retailers such as Billabong, Lisa Ho, and Payless Shoes all paying a high price for poor management decisions. The rising volume and value of e-commerce transactions has started to impact the retail property landscape, and promises structural change and pain for