Tourism sector bites the bullet

Profitability in the tourism sector has always been incredibly volatile, subject to the whims of wild weather and fickle fashion. Wander around Sydney's Circular Quay or the Rocks, and little has changed for visitors over the last 10 years - apart from the upward march of prices, and the likelihood that you will be served … Continue reading Tourism sector bites the bullet

Navigating dangerous retail waters

2011 has been a disastrous year for many Australian retailers and their hapless shareholders. After years of retail expansion fuelled by easy credit, consumers and retailers have slammed on the brakes. For many retail businesses, expansion is no longer a priority, and the odds are high that corporate vultures will be feasting on retail receiverships … Continue reading Navigating dangerous retail waters

Expiry dates and ROI time horizons

Job tenure has a very direct impact on leadership style and effectiveness. Myths abound regarding CEO job security, but in reality, research shows that Australian CEOs typically hang on to the job for 8 years before retiring with a golden parachute. The point at which you find a leader within their tenure has a clear … Continue reading Expiry dates and ROI time horizons

Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

The tax forum last week managed to garner a lot of media attention, but I suspect the only outcome anyone will remember was yet another political promise - a higher tax free threshold for personal income tax. In the media confusion of the inevitable political point scoring, missing invitations, and rent seeking - it was … Continue reading Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

Shifting the fundamentals of retail

Over the last decade, large Australian retailers have overwhelmingly chosen to place their investment bets on bricks rather than clicks. The retail strategy favoured by Australian investors and debt financiers has been simple - saturate the country with identikit stores, fill them with products sourced in China, and make it difficult for customers to buy … Continue reading Shifting the fundamentals of retail