Surviving a verbal blunder

Every leader dreads the accidental slip of the tongue that causes unintended offence. When it happens within the confines of the board room, the consequences can be contained. But once it starts happening in media interviews and conference speeches, the fallout is likely to be swift and serious. In some ways you have to feel … Continue reading Surviving a verbal blunder

Building trusted relationships

Businesses run on trust. No matter how you cut it, the wheels of commerce are greased by promises, good will, and the potential for legal consequences. Our personal and work lives are surrounded by electronic gadgets that can automatically log, record, and preserve our actions for posterity. Data collection and analysis is nothing new. Governments … Continue reading Building trusted relationships

Policing social media leads to trial by media for CBA

Codes of employee conduct are usually dull, and it is rare to meet a CEO or CFO who is familiar with their detail. Most employees only ever notice the existence of the document when they join as a new-hire, and go through an induction process. So if they are such pointless documents, why do organisations … Continue reading Policing social media leads to trial by media for CBA