Death of the retail salesman

2013 has been another tough year of transition for many retailers, with major Australian retailers such as Billabong, Lisa Ho, and Payless Shoes all paying a high price for poor management decisions. The rising volume and value of e-commerce transactions has started to impact the retail property landscape, and promises structural change and pain for … Continue reading Death of the retail salesman

Taking the lead on customer service

2013 looks set to be a bumpy ride for many Australian leaders, with both businesses and governments facing some sobering challenges. The Australian Bureau of Statistics kicked off the year with the news that retail spending had been virtually flat from September through to November 2012. Western Australia was the only exception, with the boom … Continue reading Taking the lead on customer service

Navigating dangerous retail waters

2011 has been a disastrous year for many Australian retailers and their hapless shareholders. After years of retail expansion fuelled by easy credit, consumers and retailers have slammed on the brakes. For many retail businesses, expansion is no longer a priority, and the odds are high that corporate vultures will be feasting on retail receiverships … Continue reading Navigating dangerous retail waters

Shifting the fundamentals of retail

Over the last decade, large Australian retailers have overwhelmingly chosen to place their investment bets on bricks rather than clicks. The retail strategy favoured by Australian investors and debt financiers has been simple - saturate the country with identikit stores, fill them with products sourced in China, and make it difficult for customers to buy … Continue reading Shifting the fundamentals of retail