Profiting from poverty

The new federal government has been remarkably silent on the state of the economy since winning office. I suspect most Australian business leaders are now simply relieved that the relentless media reports of “economic crisis” have ceased, and are thankful that the quotes are now being turned back, both economically and nautically. In this void … Continue reading Profiting from poverty

Managing wage risk

In a now almost ritualised gnashing of teeth, business lobbyists descended again on Canberra last week to hear the results of their latest efforts to influence the Fair Work Australia minimum wage determination. A quick read of the report makes it clear that Fair Work Australia is really quite unsympathetic to demands for corporate welfare. … Continue reading Managing wage risk

Executive tenure and shifting goalposts

Executive leadership is often portrayed as high pressure, where survival is driven by KPIs. If targets aren't achieved, you will quickly be shown the door. Boards justify spectacular executive packages by citing the uncertainty of the top job, and the notion that people who actively seek leadership positions need to be given an enormous incentive … Continue reading Executive tenure and shifting goalposts

Clearing the decks

Whenever a government is sworn in, there are always promises to keep, and lobbyists to manage. Now that the NSW election is finally receding into the rear view mirror, it seems that it is again time for politicians of all persuasions to examine budget black holes, and talk tough on cutting services and spending. Clearing … Continue reading Clearing the decks

The culture of rogues and revolving doors

Finding enough hours in the work day is a serious challenge for many business leaders. To fit everything into a hectic workload, regular feedback and mentoring sessions with direct reports are often sacrificed. There will always be people who like to moan about their jobs, and take up serious chunks of your work day with … Continue reading The culture of rogues and revolving doors

Balancing stick and carrot for government KPIs

Regardless of the rhetoric you hear in election campaigns, the efficient delivery of government services typically has only an indirect link with politics or politicians. It actually depends on effective management practices. Of course politicians set the policy and legislative boundaries, but managers within the various agencies and statutory bodies are responsible for designing and … Continue reading Balancing stick and carrot for government KPIs