The double bind of sexism

Sexism is a cultural challenge that is entrenched in many Australian businesses. It is completely counterproductive, as many businesses are currently struggling to attract and retain talented people in a very competitive market. Women outnumber men in Australia and have high workforce participation rates. The Australian Bureau of Statistics regularly calculates the sex ratio – … Continue reading The double bind of sexism

Managing wage risk

In a now almost ritualised gnashing of teeth, business lobbyists descended again on Canberra last week to hear the results of their latest efforts to influence the Fair Work Australia minimum wage determination. A quick read of the report makes it clear that Fair Work Australia is really quite unsympathetic to demands for corporate welfare. … Continue reading Managing wage risk

Taking the risk out of diversity

The top ranks of Australian big business have garnered a well-deserved reputation for being a boys’ club. In 2011, 250 of the top 500 ASX-listed companies had zero women on their boards. Despite the ongoing lobbying of the Diversity Council of Australia, appointments to directorships at ASX-listed companies have long been the almost exclusive domain … Continue reading Taking the risk out of diversity

The shifting balance of workplace relations

Workplace relations is about to become a lot more important for businesses that are looking to grow, and it has little to do with political sabre rattling from Canberra. The ABS employment figures for February 2012 indicate an unemployment rate of 5.2% unemployment, with an additional 7.3% of people being classed as underemployed, or looking … Continue reading The shifting balance of workplace relations

Think more than twice before firing

There are plenty of areas where technology has changed the way we work as teams. On a typical day, most of us rely on a combination of phone calls, email, and SMS. My more adventurous colleagues use IM tools, document collaboration, and even Twitter. Many people are already comfortable organising their personal lives using Facebook, … Continue reading Think more than twice before firing

Patchwork pressures and the long term unemployed

The prime minister is certainly an interesting person to watch in an interview, but her speeches can be a little underwhelming. I suspect most journalists have started to tune out as well, which could explain why there is so much reporting of Hitler saluting pollies, and the machinations of a politician - who has managed … Continue reading Patchwork pressures and the long term unemployed