Systems Thinking – The key to public sector performance

Multiple masters, divergent agendas and conflicting priorities make measuring success a significant challenge for public administrators and politicians alike. With global and local economic climates performing below average and an ever-increasing demand for services, providing ‘more for less’ or ‘value for money’ has become a key focus driving reform. This has resulted in performance management … Continue reading Systems Thinking – The key to public sector performance

Big Data, Little Innovation

IT infrastructure spending has experienced a rough patch over the last few years, with many large Australian businesses slowing down their investments in new technologies. Cloud services have made inroads into many enterprise and government organisations precisely because of this drying up of internal investment in both skills and infrastructure. Big Data is one of … Continue reading Big Data, Little Innovation

Productivity Champions

Everyone loves a champion. The Olympic Games are the one time when the entire world truly comes together to choose winners and losers. The rules for each activity have varying levels of complexity, but they are well defined, and involve very precise measurements. For a few weeks every 4 years, we all suddenly care about … Continue reading Productivity Champions

Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

The tax forum last week managed to garner a lot of media attention, but I suspect the only outcome anyone will remember was yet another political promise - a higher tax free threshold for personal income tax. In the media confusion of the inevitable political point scoring, missing invitations, and rent seeking - it was … Continue reading Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

Think more than twice before firing

There are plenty of areas where technology has changed the way we work as teams. On a typical day, most of us rely on a combination of phone calls, email, and SMS. My more adventurous colleagues use IM tools, document collaboration, and even Twitter. Many people are already comfortable organising their personal lives using Facebook, … Continue reading Think more than twice before firing

Hiding behind the numbers

It often seems like we are obsessed with measurements. Hospitals, schools, and businesses collect all sorts of data. From birth to when we shuffle off this mortal coil, it seems someone is always looking over our shoulder, recording something about us. There is a widely held belief that you need to measure to manage. While … Continue reading Hiding behind the numbers