Cloud computing faces a clear and present danger

Trust and paranoia seem to walk hand in hand in business. Many organisations walk a fine line between trying to entice customers with a pleasant experience, and protecting their assets.Companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple have spent billions building their reputations around a particular style of customer experience, that is easy to understand and enjoy, … Continue reading Cloud computing faces a clear and present danger

Finding the right balance in public sector workplace reform

There is little doubt that the Australian public sector is facing some major headwinds at the moment. State governments in NSW, VIC, and QLD are all embarking on major reform agendas across their education, health, and transport portfolios. In each case, the federal government has managed to manoeuvre itself into a position to set the … Continue reading Finding the right balance in public sector workplace reform

Productivity Champions

Everyone loves a champion. The Olympic Games are the one time when the entire world truly comes together to choose winners and losers. The rules for each activity have varying levels of complexity, but they are well defined, and involve very precise measurements. For a few weeks every 4 years, we all suddenly care about … Continue reading Productivity Champions

Climbing the value chain

Many Australians seem to take the rise of China for granted. With an enormous pool of inexpensive skilled labour, and mind boggling infrastructure investment programs - it is easy to come to the conclusion that China is different. There are plenty of business analysts that tout the need to shift production to China, underpinned by … Continue reading Climbing the value chain