Homeless multinationals and taxing decisions

The digital economy has generated many changes in how we shop, stay in touch with friends, and manage our daily routines. Despite this, it seems that politicians around the world are only just starting to realise that the digital world has truly changed the economy. The recent Australian federal budget was the usual mix of … Continue reading Homeless multinationals and taxing decisions

Taking the lead on customer service

2013 looks set to be a bumpy ride for many Australian leaders, with both businesses and governments facing some sobering challenges. The Australian Bureau of Statistics kicked off the year with the news that retail spending had been virtually flat from September through to November 2012. Western Australia was the only exception, with the boom … Continue reading Taking the lead on customer service

Productivity Champions

Everyone loves a champion. The Olympic Games are the one time when the entire world truly comes together to choose winners and losers. The rules for each activity have varying levels of complexity, but they are well defined, and involve very precise measurements. For a few weeks every 4 years, we all suddenly care about … Continue reading Productivity Champions

Executive tenure and shifting goalposts

Executive leadership is often portrayed as high pressure, where survival is driven by KPIs. If targets aren't achieved, you will quickly be shown the door. Boards justify spectacular executive packages by citing the uncertainty of the top job, and the notion that people who actively seek leadership positions need to be given an enormous incentive … Continue reading Executive tenure and shifting goalposts

Hiding behind the numbers

It often seems like we are obsessed with measurements. Hospitals, schools, and businesses collect all sorts of data. From birth to when we shuffle off this mortal coil, it seems someone is always looking over our shoulder, recording something about us. There is a widely held belief that you need to measure to manage. While … Continue reading Hiding behind the numbers

The culture of rogues and revolving doors

Finding enough hours in the work day is a serious challenge for many business leaders. To fit everything into a hectic workload, regular feedback and mentoring sessions with direct reports are often sacrificed. There will always be people who like to moan about their jobs, and take up serious chunks of your work day with … Continue reading The culture of rogues and revolving doors