The double bind of sexism

Sexism is a cultural challenge that is entrenched in many Australian businesses. It is completely counterproductive, as many businesses are currently struggling to attract and retain talented people in a very competitive market. Women outnumber men in Australia and have high workforce participation rates. The Australian Bureau of Statistics regularly calculates the sex ratio – … Continue reading The double bind of sexism

Finding the right balance in public sector workplace reform

There is little doubt that the Australian public sector is facing some major headwinds at the moment. State governments in NSW, VIC, and QLD are all embarking on major reform agendas across their education, health, and transport portfolios. In each case, the federal government has managed to manoeuvre itself into a position to set the … Continue reading Finding the right balance in public sector workplace reform

Off with their heads

Human resources managers can often find themselves in a bind. For a job focused on building teamwork and retaining talent, there sure are a lot of legal regulations. At an operational level, complex policies and procedures can quickly turn HR management into a quagmire. Although in some situations, all of that red tape can truly … Continue reading Off with their heads

Succession planning and the cult of the CEO

When it comes to explaining business success, you usually hear the story of the leader. Western culture has a rich history of story telling - heroes venturing off into the unknown, facing adversity, returning with "unique" and extraordinary new skills. In 1949, Joseph Campbell documented this almost primeval underpinning of our culture in "The Hero … Continue reading Succession planning and the cult of the CEO

Changing Fear

Nothing sharpens the mind like clear and imminent danger. Whether it be a competitive threat, a natural disaster, or just a threat to your budget, many people believe the best way to rally their troops is with fear. Pressing the fear button is now such a cliche, that it seems many lobbyists and politicians are … Continue reading Changing Fear

Patchwork pressures and the long term unemployed

The prime minister is certainly an interesting person to watch in an interview, but her speeches can be a little underwhelming. I suspect most journalists have started to tune out as well, which could explain why there is so much reporting of Hitler saluting pollies, and the machinations of a politician - who has managed … Continue reading Patchwork pressures and the long term unemployed