The demographic disaster facing public sector budgets

By and large, we expect to pay taxes, elect politicians, and abide by the laws of the day. In return we expect governments to deliver the services we want. Things like easy access to good quality education, inexpensive medical services, reliable water, transport, and help when floods or fires affect our communities. Which are all … Continue reading The demographic disaster facing public sector budgets

Taking the lead on customer service

2013 looks set to be a bumpy ride for many Australian leaders, with both businesses and governments facing some sobering challenges. The Australian Bureau of Statistics kicked off the year with the news that retail spending had been virtually flat from September through to November 2012. Western Australia was the only exception, with the boom … Continue reading Taking the lead on customer service

Finding the right balance in public sector workplace reform

There is little doubt that the Australian public sector is facing some major headwinds at the moment. State governments in NSW, VIC, and QLD are all embarking on major reform agendas across their education, health, and transport portfolios. In each case, the federal government has managed to manoeuvre itself into a position to set the … Continue reading Finding the right balance in public sector workplace reform

Productivity Champions

Everyone loves a champion. The Olympic Games are the one time when the entire world truly comes together to choose winners and losers. The rules for each activity have varying levels of complexity, but they are well defined, and involve very precise measurements. For a few weeks every 4 years, we all suddenly care about … Continue reading Productivity Champions

Warring factions and conflicted leadership

Leaders require supporters. This is especially true for executives managing large organisations, and is sometimes forgotten by people surrounded by the trappings of success. Amongst any group of people, you should expect disagreement. The strength of relationships between group members will vary, and factions will inevitably form around issues - even if they are short … Continue reading Warring factions and conflicted leadership

Making problems disappear

I don't think anyone doubts that something is rotten in the cozy world of the tabloid press. The unbelievable shenanigans surrounding News Corp and "The world's greatest newspaper" would get a Hollywood scriptwriter fired. Even Scorcese  would struggle to pull off this fantasy of money, power, politics and corruption. Before this scandal resurfaced, Transparency International's … Continue reading Making problems disappear