Profiting from poverty

The new federal government has been remarkably silent on the state of the economy since winning office. I suspect most Australian business leaders are now simply relieved that the relentless media reports of “economic crisis” have ceased, and are thankful that the quotes are now being turned back, both economically and nautically. In this void … Continue reading Profiting from poverty

The double bind of sexism

Sexism is a cultural challenge that is entrenched in many Australian businesses. It is completely counterproductive, as many businesses are currently struggling to attract and retain talented people in a very competitive market. Women outnumber men in Australia and have high workforce participation rates. The Australian Bureau of Statistics regularly calculates the sex ratio – … Continue reading The double bind of sexism

The shifting balance of workplace relations

Workplace relations is about to become a lot more important for businesses that are looking to grow, and it has little to do with political sabre rattling from Canberra. The ABS employment figures for February 2012 indicate an unemployment rate of 5.2% unemployment, with an additional 7.3% of people being classed as underemployed, or looking … Continue reading The shifting balance of workplace relations

Off with their heads

Human resources managers can often find themselves in a bind. For a job focused on building teamwork and retaining talent, there sure are a lot of legal regulations. At an operational level, complex policies and procedures can quickly turn HR management into a quagmire. Although in some situations, all of that red tape can truly … Continue reading Off with their heads

Climbing the value chain

Many Australians seem to take the rise of China for granted. With an enormous pool of inexpensive skilled labour, and mind boggling infrastructure investment programs - it is easy to come to the conclusion that China is different. There are plenty of business analysts that tout the need to shift production to China, underpinned by … Continue reading Climbing the value chain

The culture of rogues and revolving doors

Finding enough hours in the work day is a serious challenge for many business leaders. To fit everything into a hectic workload, regular feedback and mentoring sessions with direct reports are often sacrificed. There will always be people who like to moan about their jobs, and take up serious chunks of your work day with … Continue reading The culture of rogues and revolving doors