Cracking the Diversity Conundrum

Over the Christmas break, a close friend of mine was sharing with me the challenges she faced returning to work after having her first child. Before taking leave, my friend was a highly successful sales leader for a global corporate. Like so many return-to-work-mums, my friend quickly found herself tackling the stigma and unconscious bias … Continue reading Cracking the Diversity Conundrum

The double bind of sexism

Sexism is a cultural challenge that is entrenched in many Australian businesses. It is completely counterproductive, as many businesses are currently struggling to attract and retain talented people in a very competitive market. Women outnumber men in Australia and have high workforce participation rates. The Australian Bureau of Statistics regularly calculates the sex ratio – … Continue reading The double bind of sexism

Taking the risk out of diversity

The top ranks of Australian big business have garnered a well-deserved reputation for being a boys’ club. In 2011, 250 of the top 500 ASX-listed companies had zero women on their boards. Despite the ongoing lobbying of the Diversity Council of Australia, appointments to directorships at ASX-listed companies have long been the almost exclusive domain … Continue reading Taking the risk out of diversity

Ugly truths and the battle of the bulge

The boards of publicly listed companies are supposed to represent the interests of their shareholders. So it was interesting to read the latest research into gender diversity amongst board members of ASX200 companies. I guess the good news is that there is now one company out of the 200 with roughly even gender representation on … Continue reading Ugly truths and the battle of the bulge