Profiting from poverty

The new federal government has been remarkably silent on the state of the economy since winning office. I suspect most Australian business leaders are now simply relieved that the relentless media reports of “economic crisis” have ceased, and are thankful that the quotes are now being turned back, both economically and nautically. In this void … Continue reading Profiting from poverty

Homeless multinationals and taxing decisions

The digital economy has generated many changes in how we shop, stay in touch with friends, and manage our daily routines. Despite this, it seems that politicians around the world are only just starting to realise that the digital world has truly changed the economy. The recent Australian federal budget was the usual mix of … Continue reading Homeless multinationals and taxing decisions

Building trusted relationships

Businesses run on trust. No matter how you cut it, the wheels of commerce are greased by promises, good will, and the potential for legal consequences. Our personal and work lives are surrounded by electronic gadgets that can automatically log, record, and preserve our actions for posterity. Data collection and analysis is nothing new. Governments … Continue reading Building trusted relationships

Going head to head against cute and cuddly can be risky

One of the most time honoured ways for a celebrity or politician to bolster public opinion is the photo opportunity. The power of cute and cuddly is so great, even Oprah felt she needed to do it. So it was interesting to see the announcement of a new mathematical model to predict extinction risk for … Continue reading Going head to head against cute and cuddly can be risky

The culture of rogues and revolving doors

Finding enough hours in the work day is a serious challenge for many business leaders. To fit everything into a hectic workload, regular feedback and mentoring sessions with direct reports are often sacrificed. There will always be people who like to moan about their jobs, and take up serious chunks of your work day with … Continue reading The culture of rogues and revolving doors