Warring factions and conflicted leadership

Leaders require supporters. This is especially true for executives managing large organisations, and is sometimes forgotten by people surrounded by the trappings of success. Amongst any group of people, you should expect disagreement. The strength of relationships between group members will vary, and factions will inevitably form around issues - even if they are short … Continue reading Warring factions and conflicted leadership

Lifting the lid on risks and workplace culture

Minor fraud and petty theft within large organisations is a cost of doing business. The issue isn’t whether it is happening - it is to what degree. In a recent research study, the School of Psychology at Newcastle University (UK) found that people are more likely to follow “social rules” when they perceive (or believe) that … Continue reading Lifting the lid on risks and workplace culture

Off with their heads

Human resources managers can often find themselves in a bind. For a job focused on building teamwork and retaining talent, there sure are a lot of legal regulations. At an operational level, complex policies and procedures can quickly turn HR management into a quagmire. Although in some situations, all of that red tape can truly … Continue reading Off with their heads

Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

The tax forum last week managed to garner a lot of media attention, but I suspect the only outcome anyone will remember was yet another political promise - a higher tax free threshold for personal income tax. In the media confusion of the inevitable political point scoring, missing invitations, and rent seeking - it was … Continue reading Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

Two and a half approaches to change

The nineties have become notorious for failed business theories, but for many leaders "bigger is best" was the catch cry that changed the business world. This was the period when industry consolidation was the main game, and mergers and acquisitions were seen as the path to business success. CEOs and executives were rewarded lavishly for … Continue reading Two and a half approaches to change

Succession planning and the cult of the CEO

When it comes to explaining business success, you usually hear the story of the leader. Western culture has a rich history of story telling - heroes venturing off into the unknown, facing adversity, returning with "unique" and extraordinary new skills. In 1949, Joseph Campbell documented this almost primeval underpinning of our culture in "The Hero … Continue reading Succession planning and the cult of the CEO