Downsizing to disaster

The weeks leading up to the Federal budget are always interesting. Every April, lobbyists start their annual pilgrimage to Canberra to plead for funding. Research scientists and agricultural researchers were quick to do their rounds, and have already managed to get a sympathetic hearing from the Canberra press gallery. It might come as a suprise, … Continue reading Downsizing to disaster


Clearing the decks

Whenever a government is sworn in, there are always promises to keep, and lobbyists to manage. Now that the NSW election is finally receding into the rear view mirror, it seems that it is again time for politicians of all persuasions to examine budget black holes, and talk tough on cutting services and spending. Clearing … Continue reading Clearing the decks

eHealth takes a kicking in the latest round of political football

Some projects are always going to generate controversy. Any project involving changing work practices for medical clinicians is not only technically complicated - it is bound to be a political football, and an easy target for the media. All it takes is one disgruntled employee, and the change management process becomes much more complicated. In … Continue reading eHealth takes a kicking in the latest round of political football

Whinging, insecurity, and other roadblocks to change

It sometimes seems to me that everytime I turn on the TV news, I see protestors (or politicians) demanding that an infrastructure project be prevented. We seem to live in the era of the shrill protest. Whinging has moved from people venting their personal irritations, to a spectator sport of epic proportions. Like any sport, … Continue reading Whinging, insecurity, and other roadblocks to change