Big Data, Little Innovation

IT infrastructure spending has experienced a rough patch over the last few years, with many large Australian businesses slowing down their investments in new technologies. Cloud services have made inroads into many enterprise and government organisations precisely because of this drying up of internal investment in both skills and infrastructure. Big Data is one of … Continue reading Big Data, Little Innovation

When strategies come unstuck

CEOs are paid the big bucks to come up with a strategic vision for an organisation, and turn the cards they are dealt into shareholder wealth. In 2002, you didn’t need to be a high flying ivy league MBA graduate to realise the impact eBay and Amazon were likely to have on retail trade in … Continue reading When strategies come unstuck

Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

The tax forum last week managed to garner a lot of media attention, but I suspect the only outcome anyone will remember was yet another political promise - a higher tax free threshold for personal income tax. In the media confusion of the inevitable political point scoring, missing invitations, and rent seeking - it was … Continue reading Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

Two and a half approaches to change

The nineties have become notorious for failed business theories, but for many leaders "bigger is best" was the catch cry that changed the business world. This was the period when industry consolidation was the main game, and mergers and acquisitions were seen as the path to business success. CEOs and executives were rewarded lavishly for … Continue reading Two and a half approaches to change

Shifting the fundamentals of retail

Over the last decade, large Australian retailers have overwhelmingly chosen to place their investment bets on bricks rather than clicks. The retail strategy favoured by Australian investors and debt financiers has been simple - saturate the country with identikit stores, fill them with products sourced in China, and make it difficult for customers to buy … Continue reading Shifting the fundamentals of retail

Changing Fear

Nothing sharpens the mind like clear and imminent danger. Whether it be a competitive threat, a natural disaster, or just a threat to your budget, many people believe the best way to rally their troops is with fear. Pressing the fear button is now such a cliche, that it seems many lobbyists and politicians are … Continue reading Changing Fear