January 2016; Australian Financial Review

Grant Thornton will expand its human resources offering, led by Sydney partner Rory Gregg, with plans afoot to recruit about a dozen organisational change specialists by July, to help clients with large-scale transformation programs. “It’s not easy to adjust the culture of an organisation at the same pace as business models are being disrupted,” Mr Keith said. MORE>>>>

October  2014; CPA Australia, CPA’s in Government – NSW

As the custodians of some of the largest budgets in the country, the role of the public sector CFO has long  been undervalued. The tightening of government revenues, rising levels of demand and increasing pressure on governments to “do more with less”, are all leading to increased demands on the public sector CFO to deliver change. CPA Australia and Grant Thornton thought it critical in the present context of reform to voice the views of public sector CFOs across all levels of government in Australia and New Zealand; to hear their response to current and future challenges and the changing role of the public sector CFO. MORE >>

June 2013; CPA Australia, CPA’s in Government – NSW

With governments experiencing pressure to reduce costs, increase service delivery and ensure quality, contestability is growing in favour. While it is seen as a driver for innovation and efficiencies, there are inherent risks and barriers that need to be managed to realise these opportunities. Rory Gregg, Partner outlines the changing environment, and the impacts that might be for businesses and clients throughout the NSW Public Sector. MORE >>

January 2013 – International Women’s Day

Gender equality stagnation in Australia appears to be the consequences of uncertain economic circumstances. MORE>>

June 2013 – Public Sector hit hard by Budget shortfall

Public Sector reform and workforce productivity are two of the most critical challenges facing the Australian Public Sector, at both a Federal and State level. MORE>>

June 2013; CPA Australia, Public Practice Conference – NSW

How does your business strategy and business plan stack up against the ten most critical success factors. MORE >>

May 2013; Federal Budget Update – Sydney

The anticipated budget shortfall is likely to lead to considerable cuts and the inevitable job losses across the public sector over the next twelve to eighteen months. MORE >>

March 2013; Strategic HR Conference; Delivering Results in Changing Times – Canberra

Rory Gregg, Partner at Grant Thornton, presents on public sector reform, focused on process redesign & organisational change to drive efficiency while retaining customers in the line of sight. MORE >>

March 2013; Economist warns further privatisation of Queensland power assets won’t lower prices or improve state finances – Courier Mail

Grant Thornton partner and public sector specialist Rory Gregg also voices some concerns, warning that privatisation should never be viewed as a “quick fix” given the possibility of unintended consequences, particularly in a state as geographically diverse as Queensland. MORE >>

February 2013; CPA International Public Sector Conference – Brisbane

Rory Gregg, Partner at Grant Thornton outlines the shifting demographics of the Australian population and the impact these changes are likely to have on how public sector services are innovated and delivered within an increasingly competitive Australian public sector workforce landscape. MORE >>

February 2013; Australia, relying on luck rather than training for innovation – Grant Thornton Australia

Australia faces being locked-in to its reliance on the resources sector unless businesses in other sectors of the economy make more effort to up-skill and train employees, according to a recent international Grant Thornton study. MORE >>

February 2013; ‘Uni fees as part of jobs package’ – The Australian

Study leave and paying tuition fees could become regular fixtures in employment packages, much like health insurance in the US, Rory Gregg, Partner at Grant Thornton argues that full employment will continue to place significant pressure on sourcing talent. MORE >>

February 2013; ‘Qualifications in shortage as employers hunt for staff’ – The Australian

Lack of qualifications and work experience, rather than generic employment skills, are the main reasons Australia came out second worst in a global study of the recruitment challenges facing businesses. Rory Gregg, Partner at Grant Thornton suggests that Australian businesses are under investing in skills development. MORE >>

February 2013 – ‘HR Report – Strategic Trends and Case Studies in People Management’ – Thompson Reuters

Rory Gregg, Partner at Grant Thornton argues that Australia is being overlooked by venture capitalists as our business leaders are risk averse, and as a result we are missing out on new market opportunities like clean tech, and knowledge technology.” MORE >>

January 2013; ‘The Year of Doing More with Less’  – HC Online

As the corporate world gears up for another year, prioritising areas of focus becomes crucial, Rory contributes to the debate as to how business leaders can support their employees work smarter rather than harder in 2013. MORE >>

November 2012;  CPA Mining & Energy Congress – Gold Coast

The release of Grant Thornton’s Global Dynamism Index (GDI 2012) highlights the key challenges most economies around the world face in recovering from the economic crisis. The results of the GDI 2012 provide an insight into the ways in which dynamic Australian businesses need to rethink their approach to leadership amidst the changing circumstances. MORE >>

October 2012;  CPA Congress – Sydney

The release of Grant Thornton’s Global Dynamism Index (GDI 2012) highlights the key challenges most economies around the world face in recovering from the economic crisis. The results ofthe GDI 2012 provide an insight into the ways in which dynamic Australian businesses need to rethink their approach to leadership amidst the changing circumstances. MORE >>

Sept 2012; UTS: Engage – Health Services of the Future

Australia faces a “demographic tsunami” that could swamp existing healthcare resources according to academic and industry experts who spoke at  UTS: Engage. The conference (Health Services of the Future) brought together representatives from across the healthcare space to discuss the value and place of research in securing the health care future. MORE >>

April – Oct 2012; CIO Summit Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane – A Seat at the Table

Chief information officers make up less than 1 per cent of representation on the top 50 ASX-listed company boards in Australia and this can only be changed if CIOs start speaking the language of the board, according to a business advisory expert. Speaking at the CIO Summit 2012 in Sydney, Grant Thornton Australia operational advisory partner, Rory told delegates that according to research conducted by the firm, out of the 400 board members who sit on the top 50 boards in Australia, only four had a technology background. MORE >>

October 2011; Mirus Australia Breakfast Seminar – High Performing Workplaces

High performing workplaces are 12% more efficient and effective than low performing workplaces. For every dollar of investment made, high performing workplaces generate 12% more in revenue. The profit margins of high performing  workplaces are nearly three times higher than low performing workplaces. High performing workplaces are 34% more likely to achieve their stated financial targets than low performing workplaces. MORE >>

July 2011; CIO Summit Melbourne – Change and Innovation

Fewer than 40% of transformations success. Success rates increase when leaders focus on, raising employee expectations, actively changing behaviour & engaging individuals at all levels of the organisations. MORE >>


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