July 2016 – The end of work is closer than we think.

FoW_Streen ShotSubsequent industrial revolutions have resulted in radical social and economic changes. Today the term “disruption” is ubiquitous, and the consequences of the changes continue under the “digital revolution” banner. We are now on the cusp of another workplace revolution – one that will inevitably lead to seismic changes in humanity’s social compacts and economic flows. These changes are likely to be profound, impacting how leaders lead and we work.

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January 2016 – Could design centred thinking be the solution to Australia’s productivity challenges?

diagramThe speed of disruption is outpacing rates of innovation resulting in a widening gap in Australia’s capacity to remain globally competitive. For many business leaders, this new paradigm combined with the government’s commitment to review outdated insolvency laws should create the perfect opportunity for Australian business leaders to rethink their entrenched attitudes towards risk taking. The question however is whether Australian business leaders are willing to put aside their conservative attitudes towards risk and make the necessary changes in order to become globally competitive.

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November 2014; A systems approach to performance management within the Public Sector – Grant Thornton

Public Sector PM

Multiple masters, divergent agendas and conflicting priorities make measuring success a significant challenge for public administrators and politicians alike. Based on our experience and research, Grant Thornton believes a systems approach to performance management will support leaders as they link government agendas with organisational and individual objectives.

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October 2014; Open Government, how ready is Australia? – Grant Thornton

Open government

New technologies and computing platforms have already transformed the way communities, organisations and Governments communicate over the last ten years. It is now clear that Australians seek an outward looking Government that engages with communities when developing and implementing policies and service delivery solutions.

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February 2014; Navigating the next wave of change in In-Home Care – Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton’s expert team of aged care specialists interviewed senior industry leaders across Australia to understand how they are delivering in-home care services, what opportunities they see moving forward and what they’re doing now and in the future to realise these opportunities. Their finding revealed some interesting results including the fact that providers of aged care services that  find the right balance will be able to safeguard sustainable revenue streams moving forward and adapt rapidly to shifting government regulations.  

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June 2013; Overcoming the skills crisis in the Public Service – Grant Thornton

GT Skills CrisisConversations about change in the Public Sector have been about two things for the last decade: cost reduction and efficiencies. What’s missing is any mention of whether those left have the skills to step up and lead the Public Sector into the future.
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GT Brace for Change

February 2013, Bracing for change within an increasingly uncertain environment – Grant Thornton Australia

Despite the uncertainty surrounding our daily lives, each of us have different capacities to cope with what life throws at us, particularly within a work context. It is clear though unexpected changes or disruptions result in considerable anxiety and stress to individuals. If you take this further to large organisations – particularly in the public sector – it is not surprising there are often disruptive consequences that can impact service delivery directly. To avoid these disruptions there needs to be robust leadership, careful planning, and engagement in place well before the significant change is implemented.

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November 2012; Public sector reform, getting the balance right – Grant Thornton Australia

GT Getting the balance Right

Getting the balance between agency reform and service delivery can be challenging. Effective service review and change management can be the difference between success and failure. Notwithstanding these global economic conditions, Australia’s economy appears to be weathering the storm. Early indications suggest that a Federal government return to surplus is inevitable by June 2013. The question being asked by the private sector is simple. Why is a surplus appropriate? And what opportunity costs will it impose on the private sector?

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