Government Procurement – what does the future hold?

Welcome to this month’s edition of GovConnect. In this edition, we shed light on the key factors influencing and reshaping the way Governments are sourcing and accessing services. This month’s bulletin coincides with the release of the results of our Global Procurement Survey.


New Report: Global Trends in Sourcing and Procurement

This brand new report examines the issues facing more than 500 procurement leaders from 39 countries, representing organisations with a combined annual turnover of $5.5 trillion. A clear shift in procurement focus towards innovation and value is leading to an acceleration in the pace of change. Especially in leadership, talent and innovation.

Procurement has continued to successfully deliver short-term savings and manage risk for many organisations, supporting growth during a period of uncertainty. As the economic environment improves, procurement has a pivotal role to play in increasing supply chain transparency, accessing supplier innovation, and delivering enterprise-wide cost reduction. Read More

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Going Agile: The New Mindset for Procurement Officials

Governments are increasingly looking to partner with providers and business partners who use Agile to deliver digital solutions. For government to successfully take advantage of the benefits that Agile digital methodologies can deliver requires a change in mind-set for procurement officials. For most items that government procures and sources, little attention is paid to the manufacturing/production process for the item. In the case of software and digital solutions, methodology and production processes really can matter. Read More

Procurement of Public Cloud: Not Just Blue Sky Thinking

How can you ensure Public Cloud offerings can deliver the value your organisation expects? When executed correctly, the procurement process can be structured to deliver additional benefits beyond those simply offered by the technical solution and can turn the role of the procurement team to a value-adding role, rather than a risk management control function.  Read More

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