GovForum Update December 2017

Welcome to the December GovForum update. 

This month’s edition looks at how the public sector is being fundamentally reshaped as a result of changing community and citizen expectations.  In this month’s edition we explore a data driven approach to identifying future leaders, and examine methods for identifying how public sector leaders can accelerate the redesign of government priorities within a constantly changing world.  And finally we investigate the impact advanced analytics and cognitive technologies are having on services redesign across a range of public sector service delivery agencies.  I hope you enjoy this month’s edition.

Refining Government together: The world is changing at a dizzying pace as we transform from an industrial society into a digital one. This transformation puts pressure on citizens, and both the private and public sector. In this whitepaper, we examine the key factors influencing and fuelling innovation within the public sector. Read More

A data driven approach to identifying future leaders: Is a leader born or made? Executives and HR have historically held divergent opinions. Stacey Philpot and Kelly Monahan talk about how inherent biases become barriers when choosing a leader, and how diversity and a data-driven approach can overcome them. Read More

Using cognitive technologies to redesign public sector work: Can cognitive technologies do government employees’ thinking for them? Right now, AI-based technologies can help agencies cut costs, free up millions of labour hours for more critical tasks, and deliver services. But what are the risks? Read More


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